Teaching Philosophy

It is my goal to help each student find the safest and correct way of playing for their body and build, so that they may be able to enjoy making music for decades to come.

Teaching goes beyond instructing a student on how to play the fiddle. A teacher must also guide a student into becoming their best self. One must nurture with love, respect, empathy, and accept, embrace, and celebrate each student’s individuality. Through hard work, discipline, and motivation, everyone has the ability to become a proficient player. 

From absolute beginners to advanced players, I find fun and creative ways to meet each student’s needs so we may find a way to achieve the goals, together. 

My method is strongly influenced by the teaching principles of Ivan Galmian and Karen Tuttle. To be able to effortlessly produce a beautiful and robust sound that speaks clearly and powerfully is one of the primary goals in the beginning of our studies. Developing a convincing interpretation with clear and concise musical ideas can only come after meticulously working on fundamentals and having a strong technical understanding of the instrument. We must also care for the body and prevent any injury by nurturing correct technique and posture.