Violin & Viola Programs

Music has the power to change lives. Our violin, viola and Suzuki programs are designed to reflect this philosophy.


The fun and engaging lessons are specifically designed for children as young as 3 years of age. We give them the undivided attention they need, introduce them to the basic musical concepts, develop creativity and experience the fun and joy of playing music!

Pre—Twinkle Suzuki Classes: beginners and students ages 3 to 6
  • General music including clapping, dancing (Eurythmics) 
  • Introduction to the violin and/or piano 
  • Introduction to note reading
  • Suggested lesson duration: 30 minutes +
Twinkle—Twinklers!: advanced beginners/ intermediate students and students ages 6-8
  • Advanced note reading
  • Introduction to music theory and aural skills
  • Introduction to Etudes
  • Suggested lesson duration: 45 – 60 minutes
Suzuki group classes for beginners through intermediate level
  • Introduction to music, developing mental processes and muscle coordination, and listening skills
  • Participating in classes and performances at which they learn from and are motivated by their peers
  • Each child learns at his/her own pace
  • Lesson duration: 45 minutes


Whether you are revisiting an old instrument, ready to sharpen your  playing skills, or just curious how it feels to play music, the studio offers the right programs for you. Together, we create beautiful music! 

woman playing violin
Advanced, pre-college, and adult students
  • Standard technical studies
  • Standard repertoire
  • Preparation for various state and national competitions
  • Preparation for college entrance exams for music majors (performance and education) 
  • Suggested lesson duration: 60-90 minutes
Chamber music
  • Weekly instruction: 60 minutes
  • For new and existing groups looking to experience the wonder of chamber music 
  • Students of similar levels placed into groups of mixed instruments
  • Level appropriate and fun pieces worked on each semester
  • End of semester recital for all chamber groups

*All students are encouraged to participate in the end of the semester recital.


Specifically created to emulate the format for the NYSSMA exam and professional orchestral auditions, these programs are geared towards students looking to succeed in highly competitive auditions.

NYSSMA Prep Program
  • The NYSSMA prep program is for students preparing for the NYSSMA exam. The focus will be on the piece that is being prepared, as well as scales, and sight-reading
  • For students who are studying instruments in school but could use an extra boost in study for audition prep
  • TEN 60 minutes lesson including a 30 minute consultation/ evaluation 
  • TWO mock auditions 
  • PERSONALIZED practice guide
Orchestral Audition Program (OAP)
  • The Orchestral Audition Program is for students of intermediate and higher levels looking to successfully audition for youth orchestra, All county/All State orchestras, and adult students looking to integrate into a community orchestra
  • TEN 60 minute sessions including a 30 minute consultation/ evaluation 
  • TWO mock auditions 
  • PERSONALIZED practice guide
*Please contact me for rates.